Our inspiration for SugarPlum Kids Spa & Salon came from our oldest daughter whose genes are definitely rooted in the glam life. After watching her favorite kid celebrity 5th birthday spa party, she insisted that her 5th birthday party be everything spa-licious. With no luck of finding a kids spa & salon in our area, we decided to give our beauty girl an at-home spa party experience. Our glam daughters and guests had such a blast at the spa party that we knew this would be a pampered treat that would have all kids saying “SWEEEEET.”

After dreaming and envisioning a place where kids could call their own, we began to undergo extensive research related to this ever-growing industry. Our 4 children (2 boys & 2 girls), were a part of our focus group and were the masterminds behind the structure of SugarPlum Kids Spa & Salon…after all, we know kids are the best critics:)

…SugarPlum Kids Spa & Salon is definitely the destination for all kids pampered needs; whether boy or girl, tod, tween, or teen, our dessert themed spa and salon is your kiddo’s’ next stop, indeed.